Revised Right to Know Law Effective April 14, 2010

Pennsylvania adopted Act 3 of 2008, Right to Know Law to take effective January 1, 2009. Townships are required to have the following information posted in the office and on their web sites, if applicable. Therefore, Center Township is providing this information to conform to Act 3 of 2008.


1.            All requests for records should be made to:


Anthony A. Amendolea

150 Henricks Road

Butler, PA 16001-8472


Phone: (724) 282-7805

Fax: (724) 282-6550



9:00AM 4:00PM Monday through Friday, except holidays


2.            Any questions or appeals may be submitted to:


Mail: Office of Open Records

Commonwealth Keystone Building

400 North Street

Plaza Level

Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225


Phone: (717) 346-9903

Web site:



3.            Center Township utilizes the Center Township Right-to-Know Request Form.


4.            Center Township adopts the Center Township 2009 Right-to-Know Policy.


5.            Center Township is required to follow the fees, which are adopted by Resolution, as established by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.


6.            Once a request is received by the Open Records Officer, a response on whether the request is available or denied must be made within five (5) business days. If the request is denied, the requestor has thirty (30) days to appeal to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.


7.            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)