New Resident FAQ’s


Where do I register to vote?


You need to contact the Butler County Bureau of Elections, 124 West Diamond Street, Butler, PA 16001 (724) 284-5308.


What is the power company in Center Township?


Contact West Penn Power, 800 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA 15606 (800) 255-3443.



What company provides phone service?


Contact CenturyLink at (800) 829-8009 to establish new service.


What company provides cable service?


For cable, phone, and internet services, contact:


                                    Armstrong Cable Services

                                    660 South Benbrook Road

                                    Butler, PA 16001


                                    (724) 482-4480




                                    (877) 423-3403


                                    AT& T


                                    (877) 239-5150


                                    Internet Providers


                                    (877) 757-2719


                                    Residential Internet Comparison


                                    Frontier Communication Corporation




Who do I contact for water service?


Pennsylvania-American Water Company at (800) 474-7292.


Who do I contact for natural gas service?


If you reside south of North Benbrook Road, contact:


                                                Peoples TWP

                                                205 North Main Street

                                                Butler, PA 16001


                                                (800) 222-5101


If you reside north of North Benbrook Road, contact:


                                                Columbia Gas

                                                PO Box 742537

                                                Cincinnati, OH 45274


                                                (800) 460-4332


What company collects our trash?


The Township does not contract with any one company. You have the right chose which company. The two (2) main companies serving Center Township are:


                                                                        Vogel Disposal Service (724) 285-8844


                                                                        Waste Management      (724) 637-3552


We suggest you contact your neighbors to see which company they use. By using the same company in the neighborhood, you will reduce the truck traffic and noise.


What may I recycle?


At a minimum, the following materials shall be separated for recycling; 1) No. 1 and No 2 HDPE and PET plastics; 2) clear, amber or green glass; and 3) steel and bimetallic containers (commonly referred to as cans). You must contact your trash carrier to inquire their day of collection.


Each fall, the Township schedules leaf pick up. Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags and place at the curb. Bags cannot contain anything other than leaves. If leaves are in plastic bags, we will not pick them up. Bags may be purchase at the office at a cost of $3.50 per bundle of ten (10) bags.


You have the option to drop them off at our site located at 150 Henricks Road (behind Clearview Mall). Again, if the leaves are in any container other than biodegradable paper bags, please dump them and take the containers with you.


When am I allowed to burn?


You may burn Monday through Saturday, 6:00AM to 6:00PM, no Sundays or Holidays.  All fires must be attended by a responsible person and must be extinguished by 6:00PM.  Recreational fires are authorized at any time. Burning of leaves is prohibited.


I am replacing shingles, siding, windows, or doors, do I need a permit?


You do not need a permit if you are replacing shingles, siding, windows, or doors unless you change the structure by replacing rafters, decreasing or increasing window size or door size.


Anytime you change a structure, ingress, or egress a permit is required.


When do I need to call PA One Call?


You must notify PA One Call at 811 prior to digging. They will notify all of the utility companies that serve your property to mark buried lines.


Do I need a permit to remove a structure from my property?


Yes, contact Judy Heichel, 375 North Duffy Road, Butler, PA 16001, (724) 285-4501 for a tax certification. Bring the original certification to the Township office for a demolition permit. These permits are required to remove structures from the tax rolls.