3rd Accessory Structure FAQ’s


Am I allowed to place a 3rd accessory structure on my property?


Accessory structures can be; detached garages, detached car ports, yard sheds, above or below ground swimming pools, picnic pavilions, wood sheds, etc.


You are only permitted two (2) accessory structures on your lot. If you have a larger lot and have a hardship need for a third accessory structure, you can ask the Center Township Planning Commission for approval to install a third structure.


How do I apply to the Planning Commission?


You must submit a plot plan which shows existing and proposed structures on your property. In addition, submit a letter explaining reason for the 3rd accessory structure.


When must the plot plan and letter be submitted?


The plot plan and letter must be submitted to the Township office no later than the second Wednesday of the month. The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm, except November and December.


You are required to attend their meeting in case they have any questions.


The Planning Commission approved my request for a 3rd accessory structure. What is the next step?


You may print a Single Family Detached Accessory Structures application, or pick up an application at the Township Office.


Once you complete the application, drop it off at the office for review by the Building Code Official. Once approved, the Building Code Official will notify you to pay and pick up the permit.